Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to Life!

~Leonidas on Watch~
So, here it is! 2013. (pause for dramatic effect....) OK. So, I guess here at the Salt Raker we have all come to realize the same thing that we realize every year....the more things change the more they stay the same!!  The children are blossoming into sparkling personalities and we are struggling to keep up! 

Michaiya has settled nicely into the ripe old age of 7 and having become much more worldly in her time on this earth, she does not hesitate to share with you her metaphysical insights on the meaning of life and God's path for us all...yeah, that's right....why ask your pastor when you can ask Chaiya?  She spends so much time in meditation on the deeper aspects of the Christian walk that she can't help but allow it to come spewing forth like rivers of waters at the most convenient (for her) of times.
"Mommy, what's for dinner tonight?" 
"Chicken, Baby...and Spanish Rice."
"Rice?!  Are you sure you don't mean macaroni and cheese? (gaze dripping with stoicism)"
"Yeah...I'm pretty sure. (gaze dripping with cynicism)"
"(thoughtful pause) Did you ask Jesus about this?"
"(head drops) sigh."
Josiah has decided that Autism be hanged, he is going to let the world see his true self: Sarcastic, Self-Serving Son-of-a-Gun!  The boy has managed to play the strong, silent type in a classroom surrounded by 20 other 5&6 year olds and has thus manipulated them into all vying for position as BFF!! Huh?  You may think how awesome that is, right?  To that I answer this: The boy is setting me up to be the main character in a Lifetime Television Movie as a mother who slowly went insane by hearing her name called by 21 children ALL DAY LONG!!!
"Mrs. Cox, Jo won't play with me!",  "Mrs. Cox, she sat next to Jo last time!", "Mrs. Cox, Jo said my name!",  "Mrs. Cox, Jo is my best friend....No, mine!....Nuh-uh! MINE!!!....I'm telling! Mrs. Cox!!!"  The whole time this joker just sits there with this smirk on his face and then casually asks for something trite that I KNOW he really doesn't want!!
"Mommy, can I have my red pencil, please?"  For WHAT??? So you can "x" me out as I pass out on the ground from YOUR friends?
Adaiya has learned that being the youngest you have to play up your strengths to make your mark.  Therefore, she has studied the art of the "Pagent Walk" and has made the WORLD her stage. (covering my eyes!)  As she S-L-O-W-L-Y saunters into EVERY place we go, she waits patiently for the commentary that she KNOWS will follow from the proverbial sucker that was born a few minutes ago: "Oh, isn't she CUTE!"  "What a little lady!"  "How SWEET!"- SERIOUSLY?!  The kid has curb appeal, no question.  But the part that is frightening is how she knows how to work it!  With effortless grace, she finds her best light and flashes the million dollar grin....and the nations fall.  What?!  They wouldn't think she is so cute if they ever tried to feed her broccoli....yes, I'm a touch bitter.

No doubt, they are worthy opponents.  Cox and I have already had many clandestine meetings to strategize our dominance for 2013...will we succeed?  I seriously doubt it.
~Eve on Point~

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