Wednesday, April 11, 2012


For those of you who have never had puppies...I am realizing that it is very much like having kids.  They are all sweet and cuddly for the longest time.  It seems as if they will remain little balls of fluff forever!!  They look up to you with love and admiration in their eyes.  'Tis heavenly! They hang on every word you say....they melt in your arms...and then, something happens.....there is a paradigm shift....a disturbance in the force....they wake up one morning......and they develop.....

They are 7 weeks old now.  So, the "In the Beginning" litter has now relocated to more spacious accommodations in our west kennel.  Complete with native stone construction, plush interior furnishings and a generous courtyard that could well accommodate a full day of rough housing, sunbathing or entertaining several guests, these pups have it MADE!!  However, upon moving in and sniffing out the new digs, I realized that they had very definite "opinions" on their penthouse suite...and developed massive "puppy-tude"!  I tried to blame it on their first shot and the worming medicine, which would make ANYBODY a bit touchy...right?  But no, I really think these jokers are developing entitlement issues!

"Opinions", I have learned, are the enemy of all puppy rearing efforts.  This little mob has decided that they have "opinions" on just about everything these days.  Hence, they have moved into a stage in their lives, very similar to human teenagers.  They need you....but they will ask you condescending questions to try to diminish your relevance, and ultimately, your intelligence.
Roll the evidence:
 "What do you want?"
"Umm...what is that?"
"Can I help you?"
"Do you really want me to use this?"
"No seriously.....what is that?"
"Do you mind?"
Mmmm-hmmmm.  More to come, y'all....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time..."

Where has the time gone???  Ok, so we left you hangin' a little at here is the quick update:
The kids are out of school for Easter Break and they are crawling up the walls!!!  Chaiya has confirmed that the "Ch" is here to stay!  Jo was kind enough to inform me yesterday that "Puppies are baby dogs."....he is finally acknowledging that they are in his world!  Really? After 6 weeks?  Addie is OBSESSED with dressing the puppies in pink!  Sigh.  Consequently we are now keeping the latch on the front door as Addie has often been found in their kennel transporting them from one end to the other!

Now these photos are actually their 5 week I am a little late! But next week I PROMISE I will take the 7 week shots and you can see the cuteness in all its exponential power!! LOL!