Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'The Artist' Formerly Known As....Kaiya?

I think everyone kind of just sat there and blinked silently when the entertainment news media announced that the Pop/R&B icon, Prince, had officially changed his name to simply, "The Artist".  I mean, what were we supposed to feel at that time....shock?...confusion?...outrage?.....a foreboding feeling that all in the world will never be right again?  Well, I am sure the world breathed a tear stained sigh of relief when he graciously changed it back to Prince. Once again, all was right with the universe! For goodness sake!!  I wish these people would think about the trauma they put us through before they follow their creative natures and disassemble the constructs of our well ordered worlds!
Indeed, history repeats itself.  So, I walk into the playroom to observe the latest chalk mural designed by Kaiya.  She has written everyone's names on the walls....including, what I can only assume, is her own?  "Chaiya."  Really?  Already establishing your renegade identity?  At 6?  No, I couldn't resist:
"Honey! Is this how you spell your nickname?"
(thoughtful pause) "Yes, Mommy."
"But, Mommy spells it with a 'K'........don't you like the 'K'."
(thoughtful pause) "Not really."
"You prefer the 'C-h'?"
(thoughtful pause) "Yes, Mommy.  'C-h' is really me."
For all of you breaking into a cold, deja vu sweat, I'll keep you posted on this development...

Hey.....What time is it?  PUPPY TIME!!!
Firstly...let me say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to take proper pictures of three 4 week old puppies all at one time!  ARE YOU KIDDING?  The first thing they did was anoint the carpet with liquid joy!  Enoch even took it upon himself to bless us with puppy poo while Eli and Eve distracted us with hide and go pee!
Let the montage begin...

The pack hangs together...
Enoch is happy to be here!
"Look out!  That blankie looks dangerous..."
Starting to stack!
Elijah following his nose!
"Shhhh!  I'm stalking my prey..."
Preparing for his big entrance...
Eve, the little princess...
"Don't let the highlights fool ya!  I'm just as tough as the boys!"
Pretty Profile!
Even big bro can give kisses now and then!!
Guess who is stricken with puppy love?

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